What is it about pretzels? The word pretzel is fun to say and there are so many things a person can do with a pretzel. Soft pretzels, crunchy pretzels, sweet or savory – the pretzel is such a fun food to enjoy. Great for on the go, pretzels are wonderful as is or incorporated into another recipe. Here are 10 ideas for World Pretzel Day which is a holiday I can’t wait to celebrate! 


  1. The first thing I think of when I hear the word ‘pretzel’ is the chewy, doughy sort you find in ball parks and movie theatres. Make your own in a flash with ready to go Compliments pizza dough! Get the recipe. 
  2. The next thing I think of is that famous episode of Seinfeld, “These pretzels are making me thirsty!” Those ‘thirst inducing’ salty, dry, chip like pretzels are a fantastic snack for last minute parties. Try a Sweet and Salty mix with this recipe. 
  3. Along the sweet and salty line sits this frozen peanut butter and pretzel pie. File this one away for a hot summer day. 
  4. Maple pecan bars with pretzel crust? Oh yes please! The sweet and salty combo never goes wrong in my book and these look perfect for any occasion!  
  5. Let’ go back to the savoury side with these soft pretzel bites with cheese sauce. Cheese sauce? YES! These are perfect for your next tailgate. 
  6. Not just for snacks or dessert! Pretzels make an awesome breading too – check out this recipe for chicken fingers with pretzel breading 
  7. Looking for a fun, retro vibe dessert recipe for your next potluck or get together? Look no further. This is it. It’s the one. Strawberry Pretzel Dessert!  
  8. Do you love making home made candies and treats for holiday gifts or teacher presents? These pretzel turtles are super easy and freaking delish. Anyone you give them too with be thrilled.  
  9. If you’ve always wanted to know how to make traditional doughy pretzels from scratch, try this recipe for German Pretzel sticks.  
  10. Last but absolutely not least – these pretzel cookies! Would you just look at them! Gorgeous and incredibly yummy too.  

There you have it. Ten delicious, sweet, salty, cheesy, chocolatey, peanut buttery, maple, incredible pretzel recipes. There’s something on this list for everyone so put one (or more!) together in celebration of World Pretzel Day.  


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