Maybe it’s because I’m a Canadian gal, but I get far more excited over the winter Olympics than I do for the summer ones. It’s most likely due to my love of hockey but believe it or not there is more to the Winter Olympics than puck chasing. The 2018 Winter Olympics are being held in PyeongChang and are sure to be as exciting as the last Olympic Games.  

When the Olympics are held in a country that has a vastly different time zone than ours it can get a little hard to get into the spirit of things. Most of the events are going to be held at 2 or 3 am, some at 7 am, making it a little difficult to watch them live. Here are a few tips to help get you into the Olympic spirit! 


PVR or Record Everything. If there is something you want to watch and it’s too late, record it so that you can watch it later when you have a moment.  

Watch the Opening Ceremonies.  This is the event that starts it all off. If you can’t watch it with the kids, record it and watch it later together as a family to ramp up your Olympic spirit!  

Make the Most of Weekends. The medal games will be held the last weekend of the Olympics (February 23-25th) so plan on taking advantage of the ability to stay up until the wee hours of the morning. If weekends aren’t your time off, take advantage of your evenings off to watch the games. 

Plan a Crazy Late Night or Early Morning Party – Remember how I said that most games are in the wee hours of the morning? Some of the medal finals are at 2 am, some are at 7 am. Plan a crazy breakfast party – or a late night one to watch your favourite sport.  

Attend an Olympics Event or Party in Your City. Perhaps your favourite local pub will be open into the wee hours or there are special events for families to attend. Make sure to check out what is going on in your city during the Olympics. 

Give it All Cheering for Your Favourite Sport. This is it, the moment that all these athletes have been waiting for. Don’t miss out on spending time supporting and cheering on your country’s finest athletes. Wear Olympic gear and have a great time!  


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