Valentine’s Day is a lovely way to show your kids they are special to you and it doesn’t take much to get the message across. All they really want is to spend time with you so here are a few lovey dovey ways to do that.  

Make a craft 

This Super Easy button craft is fun for kids of all ages and in the end you’ll have something to frame and hang in their bedrooms. 

A way to showcase Valentine’s Day cards from their school friends is also easy to make. Make this Valentine’s card banner in just a few minutes.  

Need more ideas for things to make with your kids? See this list. 

Make some Food 

There is no better way to build childhood memories than getting your kids in the kitchen to cook with you. Let them wear an apron and stir the batter. Don’t worry if they make a bit of a mess. They’ll put these good times in their pocket for when they need them, sometimes many years later into adulthood.  

Try heart shaped muffins. They’re simple to make with your favourite muffin recipe and a ball of foil. See how here. 

Thumbprint cookie Valentine’s day hack alert! Use two thumbprints to make heart shaped indentations in these cookies. Fill with red jam and enjoy. Little ones are perfect thumbprint makers! 

This parfait is perfect for your Valentine. Find the recipe here. 

Go on an adventure 

It doesn’t have to be grand and it doesn’t have to cost much. Just head out the door together and see what you can find. A nice winter walk in the woods can do wonders! When you get home, snuggle up with a movie.  

Need more ideas? Here’s our winter list of outdoor activities. 

Can’t get out? Here are some pointers for a big night in with your small kids. Staying home can be special too! 


No matter what you choose to do, the idea is to spread some love. A few cuddles, a few laughs and your Valentine’s Day is made. We hope you have a lovely one! 


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