From spinach to kale, broccoli to collard greens, green smoothies have taken over as THE heathy start to your morning. While I find that nothing replaces a bowl of hot oatmeal for me, green smoothies are the perfect hot weather breakfast. When the hot weather arrives however, we don’t really feel like whipping up a large breakfast or lunch for ourselves. A chilled smoothie whipped up in the blender really is a delicious and healthy way to start the day.

I’ve scoured the internet for some of the most delicious looking green smoothie combinations around to help you to start your morning out right!

1.) The Pioneer Woman’s Healthy Green Smoothie

This is a great base recipe that you can tweak to your liking. Greek yogurt, fruit and kale make it delicious, but using honey instead of sugar adds a great flavor a well. You can use this one to build your own!

2) Avocado Shakes or Smoothies

Don’t forget about your avocados! The good fats in avocado are heart healthy but also help to keep us full. Avocados lend a silky smooth texture to smoothies and the mild taste matches everything.

3) Vegan Green Smoothies

We actually use almond milk in all of our smoothies as my son has a dairy intolerance and over the years our family got accustomed to the taste of almond milk. My daughter won’t even drink cow’s milk so all of our shakes are usually vegan by accident, if that’s such a thing. I find it gives smoothies a nicer taste, to be honest.

4) Smoothie Bowls

This smoothie bowl from Oh She Glows looks like a delicious way to start your morning! I love that it’s meant for you to slow down and not inhale on the run in the mornings.

5) Chocolate Green Smoothies

Cocoa itself isn’t what’s bad for us, it’s all the sugar in chocolate bars that’s not so good. Adding cocoa to a green shake helps you feel that it’s a little bit like a treat and then adding in some natural peanut butter? Whoa Nellie. Yes please! While it’s not the lowest calorie shake around, I love this idea for kids that don’t eat their greens. And perhaps on Friday mornings for an end of the week treat!



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