Oh my! This year has just gone so fast. First it seemed like winter would never end and then, BAM! Summer is just around the corner! We’ll be taking a family road trip this year and while I find road trips easier on the planning than airplane trips there is still quite a lot to consider before the family gets on the go. Here are some tips and tricks for getting ready to head out the door. 

House sitter 

Did you know that having a house sitter while you’re away can save you from insurance nightmares if something goes awry while you’re gone? If you can’t have someone live in while you’re gone, arrange for a neighbour to come in every other day or so just to check that a pipe hasn’t flooded the basement or anything.  


Pet sitters and kennels can book up fast over high travel times so be sure you call yours in advance. Your pets will have a nice vacation too if they can’t come with you. Not having adequate care can throw a real wrench into your travel plans. 


Don’t count on your house sitter to know what’s what when it comes to watering your plants. Gather them all up on the kitchen table to make things easy and quick for whoever is tasked with giving them a drink. 

Clear out the fridge 

I love those last few days before a vacation where you start to get creative about what you use up. Freeze what you can (you can freeze cheese and eggs too!) before you hit the road and make sure the garbage gets to the curb.  

Empty the washing machine 

We’ve all discovered laundry that’s sat for a day in the washer and what that can smell like. You don’t want to see what happens after 10 days. If you have a list of things to double check on your way out the door – add this to it. 

Social Media 

I know it’s tempting to share every little thing that happens because it’s all so fun and exciting but consider how and when you share that you’ll be away from your home. Thieves have been known to stalk social media and strike when they know you’ll be away. Do share with friends and family you trust but double check your privacy settings before you do so. 

Cell coverage 

Depending on where you’re going you may wish to contact your coverage provider to see if you need any adjustments to your plan. Most providers have an option to maintain regular service as you roam but you might need to turn it on.  


I find it impossible to get everything together until I have a master list. I write out everything required for each person using their name as a headline. Then I start gathering things into piles for each of us. Once I’ve got most of it together I begin to pack and see where we are on space. I keep those lists for last minute packing as we head out the door. They’ve saved the day more than once!  

Visit the Doctor 

Depending on where you’ll be traveling you may require vaccinations. Here are some other reasons to check in with your doctor. 

A bit of prep and forethought can go a long way towards ensuring you get out the door without a hitch. Organization is key but if I had it my way, I’d run off with a backpack and let adventure take me where it may. Those of you with families and kids will know that is a recipe for disaster however! Print this page out and get these things checked off – that’s a much better plan.  

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