The first leaves have started falling on the ground, school supplies are rampant throughout stores and it’s now officially the Back to School time of year for all of us. I think that most of us – adults included- have a few hectic weeks transitioning back to regimented days of getting up early, packing lunches and general calamity when back to school time arrives. I personally bemoan the packing of lunches and early mornings of dragging my teenager out of bed so he gets to school on time.  That said, there are a few tips and tricks to easing back in the school flow! 


Buy Extra Supplies for Home. 

We always have a plastic Ziploc full of pens, crayons, glue, erasers and more to make sure that the kids can do homework. I don’t want the kids to bring home their supplies from school (because they will inevitably not go back!) and this way I also have an endless supply of pens for my own use. 


Set Two Alarms.  

 We have two alarms in our house: one to wake us all up and one to get everyone out the door. It’s super easy to get distracted and read a book too long with breakfast, so we usually set our microwave time to go off 10 minutes before they must head out the door. The kids hear it and know that it’s time to get moving or else! 


Start a School Papers File. 

We have a filing box tucked into the corner of my kitchen counter beside my mixer. All bills, school papers that need signing, notices, you name it, those papers go straight into that file so that they don’t get lost in the after-school fray. It works like a charm! 



Create a Lunch Box Drawer. 

 During the school year one of my large pull out drawers in my kitchen is THE LUNCH DRAWER. It looks nothing like the pretty ones on Pinterest, but it has everything the kids need to pack their lunches. Everything goes back in there after being washed: Thermoses, plastic and glass containers, school lunch cutlery, etc. Then the kids know where everything is in the morning to pack their lunches. 


Ease Back into Early Bedtimes.  

 Let’s face it, the entire changing of bedtime and morning rising time is the worst part of back to school. I don’t like changing the kid’s bedtime too early, I mean, come on, we get so little summer time here in Canada that I want them to enjoy the evenings as well for as long as possible. There should be a happy medium though, and starting to get the kids to bed earlier but by bit the last week before school usually helps us ease into school better.


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