Composting is a fantastic, eco-friendly way to recycle our unwanted food scraps into soil for our garden beds. It keeps waste from being trucked into landfills and allows us to nourish our future crops for nearly free. You likely already know you can compost the usual things like vegetable peelings and apple cores but what else can you compost that you might not have thought of? 

Natural Fibres 

Cotton and wool can be added to your compost bin! That includes cotton balls old t-shirts and yes, even a moth-eaten toque.  


If you have trouble with your brown to green ratio as I do (we have no leaf bearing trees in our yard) then cardboard is a great way to go! Get the process started by tearing it into smaller pieces and into the bin it goes. Don’t forget your toilet paper rolls! 

Pet waste 

If you have a birdie, the newspaper which lines the cage can go straight into the compost bin during the next cage re-fresh. If you have a hamster or guinea pig the shredded bedding is also great for your compost. Aquarium water and dead plant material is also fantastic for your compost. *never compost waste from a meat eating animal. 

Wheat products 

Find an open box of cereal of a questionable age way back in your pantry? That can go into the compost bin. As can stale crackers, bread and pasta that’s cooked or uncooked.  

Wood Fire Ashes 

Gathering the family around for a cozy fire just got better. When it’s time to clean the ashes out, dispose of them in the compost bin!  


If you’ve come to the realization that you’re never going to make that Pinterest craft with those wine corks you’ve been hoarding, then into the compost they go. Natural corks only, of course.  

Vacuum dust 

The contents of your vacuum cleaner are mostly dirt, hair and organic dust. Make sure you pick out any plastic pieces like beads or buttons before emptying your cannister straight into you compost bin.  

Composting takes a bit of trial and error until you see what works. Never put meat in your compost pile. Avoid things that are plastic or plastic like (shiny coated papers) but most other items are fair game and the better variety you put into your compost pile, the better quality your resulting soil will be.  


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