Ah, barbeque season. The time of year when we all uncover our barbeques, clean up the grills and starting hunting around for the barbeque tools that somehow always seems to disappear. Garage shelves are scoured, cupboards are raided, but invariably there is almost always something that went missing between seasons.

To help you get your BBQ on, I’ve compiled a list of what I consider must-haves for the summer barbeque season!

A Grill Cleaning Brush

First and foremost you need a clean grill to cook on. Invest in a good quality brush that will scrub away last night’s dinner in a jiffy.

Long Handled BBQ Tongs.

You could barbeque like my husband and try to use a fork, but his burnt arm hair can attest to the fact that this is a very bad idea indeed. Long tongs with a non-metal handle are perfect to prevent any arm singe that might occur.


Week 2 Long Tongs

Grilling Spatula

Nothing is worse than burgers falling apart on the BBQ. Invest in a good quality, wide spatula for flipping burgers.

Spray Bottle Full of Water

I like to leave fat on my steaks to ensure they are as juicy as possible when they cook. However the dripping fat leads to flare-ups on the grill, so I keep a spray bottle handy to tame those wild fat-fired flames.

Basting Brush

A decent basting brush is a must- have or you will be trying to spread BBQ sauce on your meat with the back of a spoon- I would know, I’ve attempted this. I prefer a good silicon basting brush above all others since there are no little hairs that can fall off and stick to the meat.

Instant Read Meat Thermometer

If you invest in one thing and one thing only for your BBQ, please make it a good meat thermometer. Safe food handling and making sure your meat is properly cooked is the best thing you can do for your family when grilling up food. Instant read thermometers are worth the extra money.

Week 2 Meat Thermometer

Wood Planks For Grilling Fish

Keep wooden planks tucked away for when you grill up fish and you’ll always be prepared.

A Stash of 3 Flavorings

Always have your favorite BBQ sauce for Steak, Ribs N’ Chicken BBQ sauce and Montreal steak spice on hand and you’ll be able to cook anything at a moment’s notice.

Wooden Skewers

A stash of disposable wooden skewers means that you are prepared for any type of kabob you want to grill up. Wooden skewers are cheap, easy and there’s very little clean up afterwards.

A Group Of Good Friends

Sure, they aren’t a tool for your kitchen, but BBQ season is only made better with the addition of friends and family to share your meals with.

Happy Barbequing everyone!


  1. Great ideas, remember to get those planks and skeweres soaked in water for at least 2 hours prior to cooking, I soak for 5 or 6 hours when I can, also keep the old tuna cans and I put in wood chips,maple,ceder, wet the chips with apple juice and put on the burner to add a smokey flavour.


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