Spending time with those you love is sort of the whole point behind February’s favourite holiday, isn’t it? Then what’s better to do with your little ones than a simple craft project you can all work on together?  This button craft is inexpensive and easy for even small kids to help with and you can take the basic premise and get creative with the outcome too.

You’ll need:

  • Buttons
  • Craft paper or fabric for a background
  • A frame
  • A marker
  • Glue (a hot glue gun will be best but if working with little children regular white craft glue will work too.  You’ll just need to allow for drying time.)


Draw a heart shape on your background fabric or paper.

Start gluing buttons.  You can fill in the heart with different sized buttons and if you want a 3D layered look then add a second (or 3rd layer too if you’re up to it) on top of the base layer to build it up.  Be sure to place buttons over your marker outline to hide it.  Experiment with different colour combinations or try a solid colour and see what you think.

Frame it. Once your glue is dry place your piece in a frame and hang it up for all to admire.  Depending on how large your heart is and how heavy – you may need to attach the piece to a backer board to keep it from slouching in the frame.

Get creative!  You could glue button hearts to a t-shirt, onto a stuffed animal (not suitable for babies) or onto a table runner at either end.  There is no end to the applications for this idea and your kids will enjoy helping to decorate and work on something with you.  Enjoy!


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