Happy National S’mores Day! This long-time camping favourite of mine is something that we look forward to eating every summer around the campfire, and I might admit to making them at home in the winter occasionally (in the oven.) There really is no better way to make these ooey, gooey delicious outdoors treats than over the campfire however. If you have been making s’mores for a while now – or simply have access to the internet – you will have seen that there are tons of innovative ways to jazz up the chocolate marshmallow treat! 

So, to celebrate National S’mores Day, here are 5 unexpected ingredients that you can try in your s’mores! 


  • Sandwich the marshmallow and chocolate between your favourite cookie, like these fudge striped cookie s’mores. 
  • For a fun adult version, try dipping the marshmallows in Bailey’s before putting them into the s’mores!  
  • Homemade beer marshmallows with doughnuts instead of graham crackers.  
  • Use pretzels instead of graham wafers and then to top it all off, dip them in chocolate! 
  • Use lemon curd instead of chocolate!


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