A Hot Casserole

A baked casserole tops the list as my favorite food to bring to a potluck. Anything that can be re-warmed once you reach a party is perfect and a hot food is always so lovely to have along with the usual cold fare. My favorite recipe is my Adult Mac N’Cheese, a decadent casserole that has European style mustard on top, adding a little bit of zing for your tastebuds. If you are needing a casserole for the kids simply leave off the mustard and enjoy plain.Week 10 Potluck Mac n Cheese

An Interesting Salad

I have a love/hate relationship with salads, I must admit. There is nothing I hate more than a plain green salad staring up at me from my plate. That said, I am deeply in food love with all the new variations of salads that incorporate healthy greens with tasty grains such as quinoa and couscous.  A salad like that is sure to spice up the potluck table and peak people’s interest. Try my Strawberry Quinoa Salad with Brie next time you’ve offered to be the salad bearer and you’ll have people begging for the recipe!

A Skillet Dessert

The beauty of a skillet dessert lies in the fact that you are taking two things in one to your next potluck; a dessert as well as a hostess gift. With cast iron skillets being found in local stores for as little as twelve dollars, it’s cheaper – and far more interesting-  than the usual gift of a nice bottle of wine for the hostess.  Desserts can range from the slightly extravagant such as my Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Skillet Brownie Bars to the incredible easy; like my Giant Oreo Skillet Cookie. Attach a little card on a ribbon to the skillet handle with the recipe you used as well as cast iron care instructions written on it and you have just given a gift that will be remembered for a long time.Week 10 Potluck Skillet Cookie

Homemade Pie

Pies are simply where it’s at for the dessert table, with few people able to resist the siren call of a pie over almost anything else you present. Try a Canadian prairie classic such as Flapper Pie and you’ll have everyone exulting over the taste of their childhood and reminiscing over the memories an old-fashioned pie almost always brings up.Week 10 Potluck Flapper Pie

Chips & Dip

What’s a party without a classic chips & dip dish? Thankfully these days you don’t have to pick up the usual onion dip and bagged chips, the internet is full of interesting and easy choice. I love my Cheater Tex Mex Chips N’ Dip recipe that uses one pot and only four ingredients! This recipe also can be put together and then reheated at the potluck. Hot dips are always a favorite of party goers and a nice change of pace from the usual.Week 10 Potluck Tex Mex

What are your favorite dishes to bring to a potluck? Do you have any family recipes that are your “secret weapon” to bring as a guest?

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