Spring has sprung and while we are quite far away from having flowers in our garden beds, I still want them on my counter to help us celebrate this season of joy and growth. Thankfully, the floral department has us covered so you can get these gorgeous May flowers into your kitchen asap.


I usually find these blooms playing second fiddle to others in a mixed bouquet, usually roses, but on their own they are quite striking. I love a big bunch of Alstromeria without any other additions – I find them quite budget friendly and they come in beautiful pinks, purples and yellows. These florals also have gorgeous greenery built in so you really don’t need to fuss over getting them to look fantastic. Additionally, they are hardy and last a long time – just change out their water every few days. If you’re looking for bang for your buck, Alstromeria is it.


If a playful mood is what you’re after, you’d be hard pressed to find a flower to achieve it better than the Gerbera. These come in every colour of the rainbow and are so pretty in bud vases as single blooms. Symbolizing innocence, purity and cheerfulness, buy one or many and your kitchen just comes alive. As Gerberas are a bit temperamental to grow indoors, I prefer the cut variety and almost every floral department will stock them.


Nothing is more elegant than a stalk of Orchids in bloom. Most often you will see these offered for sale in pots. At certain points during the year, they are quite expensive to buy but if you search them out when they are in season (right now!) they’re often quite affordable. Cared for properly, they will bloom year after year making their purchase a nice investment. Read more about how to care for your orchids here.


The sentiment behind Iris flowers is dependant on colour. Purple conveys wisdom, blue is for hope and faith, white for purity and yellow for passion. No matter the colour I think they are stately and distinguished blooms and they are so unique to look at. Iris are grown from bulbs so spring is meant for Iris blooms and in my opinion, there’s no better way to bring some interest to your home.


Also known as Larkspur, Delphinium are perennials which prefer cool temperatures so late spring / early summer is the best time to acquire them. Symbolizing an open heart, they’re perfect for looking forward to all that will come during the days you’ll enjoy them on your counter. Most often found in blues and purples, Delphinium are also available in white or pink.


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