Sometimes it seems that we can live on the same street for years and not really get to know people in our community. We’re all busy with work, raising kids and the associated activities that come with child-rearing and generally not out and about in the neighbourhood as much as we could be. Here are some fun ways to build connections with people in your neighbourhood!


  • Neighbourhood Events – while someone does have to spearhead the organizing of a block party BBQ, it’s probably the best way to get to know everyone on your street. There’s nothing like shutting down the block, hauling all the BBQ’s to the front driveway and grilling up a storm while getting to know your neighbours. Make the sides a potluck so that everyone can bring a dish and place it on a big table in a central location.
  • Build a Little Free Library – we have a person in our neighbourhood that built a Little Free Library and everyone loves it! It’s an actual registered program so people can search for the one in their location.
  • Share Homemade Treats at Holiday Times – Drop off some snacks and treats during the holidays with a card. It takes so little time and effort to make someone’s day!
  • A Community Garden – Talk to your local resident’s association or community group about starting a community garden. They will know the areas of land that you can turn into one and help get the project off the ground. This is a great way to get to know other family’s in the area.
  • Get Outside! – Sometimes the simplest thing can be the only that is the most efficient. When we take the dog for a walk in the summer it’s guaranteed that we will meet up with at least 5 or 6 neighbours for a chat. Get out there and visit!
  • Organize a Street Garage Sale – This is on my own to-do list as I saw another street further away in our neighborhood do it. Not only will you get rid of your clutter, you will see HUGE numbers of people visiting your sale compared to if you held one by yourself. Everyone loves a street-wide garage ale!
  • Hire the neighbourhood kids for small chores – We have one girl that watches our cats and fish when we are gone on vacation and in the past, we’ve hired an older teen to do our walkways in the winter. Source from the neighbourhood instead of hiring businesses for small chores!
  • Connect Online – Check to see if your local resident’s association or community league has an online place to connect with other people in your area. This can be a great place to find babysitters, help and more!



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