Father’s Day doesn’t have to been an expensive day full of ties and cologne that Dad will never wear. There are so many ways to celebrate Father’s Day that don’t have you breaking the bank. Here’s a few frugal ideas for you this year!

BBQ in the Park 

Load up on hotdogs, firewood and marshmallows and take Dad to the park! The kids can help “cook” for him and for once, Dad isn’t the one standing over the grill. Just make sure to check out all the regulations that your city has for using grills and firewood beforehand.


Take Him to a Movie

Grab those discount tickets and take Dad to the movies! It’s a two-for-one deal; the gift is the actual movie passes and it’s an activity that the entire family can do together. Much better than a tie!


Clean the Garage for Him

My husband would love this one and I think it’s what the kids and I will do this year. Dad’s are a busy lot and the garage is usually their domain. Even if it’s all organized, I bet that Dad would love it if someone swept out the floor and dusted the shelves!


Take Dad Fishing

A long as you have your fishing licenses and gear, this is a very inexpensive endeavour! Pack some snacks and head out to the local fishing hole!



When’s the last time you took Dad out bowling? Take him for a game or two and have fun as a family!

Go Geocaching

My favourite advice for everyone, go geocaching as a family! It’s free, fun and gets the whole family outdoors!


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