If you’re like me, it doesn’t feel quite like the holidays until I have my house decorated for the season. Beyond putting up the tree, this means hauling out special decorations and switching out some of the décor in various rooms in the house. But all of that Christmasization costs money and, especially if you’re just starting out or are in a new home that requires more decoration, it can be expensive to give your house a holiday makeover.  

 Luckily, there are some budget conscious ways to get your house looking appropriately Christmas-y. Here are some ideas to get you started:  

 Make a fun wreath 

There are so many pretty decorative wreaths out there but it can be expensive to buy a designer wreath that matches your home’s style. This is where a foam wreath and a glue gun can come in. Pick up a foam ring at your local craft store and cover it in cheap Christmas balls, holiday-themed fabric, gift bows or anything else that fits the bill. My personal favourite is to cover the wreath in gumdrops, bought on the cheap from a bulk bin.  

 Collect pinecones 

Pinecones are appropriately holiday-esque, and it’s not hard to find them laying around in a local park or in your own backyard. Use them to make decorations, spray them with gold paint and incorporate them in your wreath or Christmas tree, or simply fill large bowls or vases with them for an easy centerpiece.  

 Switch out your throw pillow covers 

There is no simpler way to transform your living room than to update the covers on your throw pillows. Buy or sew some holiday-themed pillow covers — even a splash or red or gold fabric is enough to do the trick. For something more kitschy, crisscross some wide ribbon over your pillows and add a bow so that the pillows look like gifts. A Christmas-coloured throw strategically placed over the back of a chair or couch also goes a long way.  

 Go vintage 

Hit your local thrift stores and garage sales — they’re usually well stocked with holiday decorations that you can either use as-is or to repurpose as part of a larger craft project.  

 Display your greeting cards 

If you still get greeting cards in the mail (or have a collection from years gone by) string them in a prominent place as an easy holiday decoration.  

 Let your kids lead the way 

If you have children or grandchildren, keep them busy with Christmas crafts to display around your home. No one judges the odd mistake when it comes to kids’ art and their work will provide you with keepsakes to treasure in the years to come.  

 Christmas balls aren’t just for the tree 

You’d be amazed with what you can do with an inexpensive box of Christmas balls. Throw them in a pretty vintage bowl as a centerpiece, scatter them among other treasures on your mantle piece to create a vignette, or write guests’ names on them with glitter glue and use them as place cards at the table. Throw in a few boughs of evergreen to complete the look.   


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