Ballrooms and gowns and champagne aren’t necessarily how everyone wants to celebrate the beginnings of a new year. Many prefer to stay home (me included!) with family and that can be just as fantastic and special. Here are a few ideas on how to ring in the New Year at home.

Look back.

Taking time to think about the past year always brings up laughs and memories. This free printable game sounds like so much fun! Print out the game cards and pass them around, each player takes one and answers the question before passing the deck on.

Look ahead.

Making wishes and goals for the upcoming year is always invigorating. Resolutions might be passé, but good intentions never go out of style. Tape a poster board or piece of butcher paper up to create a wishing wall! Encourage participants to write their good wishes for the upcoming year. Stash it away to review the next year.


It doesn’t have to be complicated and most years, we skip dinner in favour of an appetizer spread. That way we get to have variety and everyone can find something they like. You’ll find many options for easy appetizers in the freezer section. Start your menu planning here.


Drinks can be bubbly and fun without champagne. Try this Italian Soda mocktail!

Cocktails more your style? These champagne cocktails are perfect for ringing in the new year.


If there’s one thing that symbolizes the moment in time between old and new, it’s a photo. If you can swing it, dedicate someone to the task of taking photos over the course of the evening. If you can’t, set up a photo booth for guests to DIY their shots and encourage everyone to share to social media with an event hashtag. Images can be gathered after the fact and shared digitally.

New Years Eve is such a special time. Even though I’m usually done with big holiday fanfare by the time it comes around, I still like to reflect on the past year and dream of the next with the people who are important to me. The idea is to make it work for you. If you love an evening out with fancy eveningwear then do that but if you don’t, it doesn’t mean you need to forget about it entirely. There are things we can do at home to suit us and enjoying the night is what it’s all about! Happy New Year! I hope 2018 is a fantastic year for you and your family.




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