You can feel it on your tongue then gliding down your throat and you might even shiver a little.  That icy treat is the only thing keeping your temperature down on this hot summer day.  But cooling off with ice cream isn’t going to help you on your healthy eating quest.  Fear not, here are some healthy alternatives to your favorite heat busting treats!

Instead of Ready Made Boxed Ice Pops serve Yogurt Pops.

You really can make a great frozen pop out of just about anything.  Juice is the easiest but a yogurt and fruit pop is yummy too. Just mix some crushed berries with yogurt and fill your moulds.   When you make them at home you know exactly what goes into them.  Super fun pop makers can be found in all kinds of shapes now too, and your kids will love them!

Instead of Chocolate Ice Cream serve Frozen Chocolate Mousse

Yes, chocolate mousse can be frozen!  And doing so means you’re serving up a creamy and cool dessert that is big on chocolate flavour and lower in serving size because much of the volume is made up of air. Make one with quality ingredients and shave some dark chocolate curls over the top and you won’t miss a thing.

Instead of a Slurpee serve an Iced Fruit Smoothie

Rolling into the corner gas station on a hot day, sweat beaded on your brow and hot pavement underfoot leaves a person desiring one thing.  A chemical concoction of frozen pop loaded with artificial colours and high fructose corn syrup.  Stave off the impulse by bringing an iced fruit smoothie on the road for the trip.

Instead of Iced Tea serve a Tea Spritzer

Who doesn’t love sweet iced tea?  It’s a favourite that I often miss when I eat out in the summer.  Lunch on a patio just seems to call for it.  It tastes great because it’s loaded with sugar – they don’t call it ‘sweet tea’ for fun.  Instead try a tea spritzer.  Brew your favorite black or green tea, chill it in your fridge unsweetened and when you’re ready for a glass just mix equal parts tea with your favorite sparkling water.  Throw in some lemon and you have a refreshing summer drink that’s not bogged down in sugar.  If you really can’t handle unsweetened tea, try a tiny drizzle of honey and you’re still better off than drinking a bottled version.

Instead of Snow Cones Serve Granita

It sounds fancy and difficult to do but really, a Granita is pretty much any liquid mixture that you place in the freezer and fluff with a fork every now and then to create a texture that is full of beautiful ice crystals.  Simple fruit juice will work or you could even puree some fresh summer stone fruit.  Peaches and plums?  Amazing.Granita

 Instead of Ice Cream Sandwiches serve a Frozen Parfait

Layers of frozen Greek yogurt, frozen berries, chopped walnuts and crushed wafer cookies are going to satisfy the same desires as an ice cream sandwich.  It’s cool and creamy, with that cookie crunch texture everyone loves, but without the sugar and other added ingredients we don’t need

Instead of Blended Iced Coffee Drinks serve Iced Coffee

These Blended frozen coffee drinks have been a major addiction for me.  Coffee, dairy, sugar and whipped cream – often with chocolate or other added flavours too (caramel anyone?)  There’s no denying they taste good.  But if you’re trying to cut out sugar this is the place to do it.  Pour some cooled coffee over ice and flavour as you like.  I often just dunk in a bit of fruit (orange or raspberry is my fav) and off you go.

Being hot and sweaty makes us reach for the thing that will comfort us most.  Even though we’re used to ice cream and sugary drinks, we can find the same comfort in healthier ways, we just need to think a bit differently and break old habits with new options.  I hope you stay cool and healthy this summer!

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