It’s that time of year again, when the cookies and treats abound, wine is flowing and there are parties to attend, children’s plays and more activities than any other time of year. Not only that, winter has set in and getting outside and active isn’t as easy as it is in the summertime. It might be a little harder to stay healthy around the holidays, but it is doable! Here are a few tips and tricks to help you keep your healthy habits throughout the holiday season. 


Walk Everywhere You Can 

 A good trick for this is to head to a mall where all the stores are indoors to do your holiday shopping. The outdoor shopping centers where you drive from store to store may be handy, but if you park at the opposite end of an indoor mall from the store you need to shop at, you’ll get in a lot of extra steps in your day. 


Limit the Wine/Cocktails 

 This one is tough, because the holiday season is definitely when you overindulge in all aspects, wine and cocktails included. Just remember to choose quality over quantity – a really nice glass of red wine instead of a watery rum and coke – and keep within the recommended limits. If you do overindulge, tip #3 will help you out. 


 Keep Hydrated 

 We tend to forget that even in the winter months we need to watch our hydrations levels. We really need to make sure we stay hydrated – especially when indulging in those aforementioned cocktails.


 Catch up on Your Sleep 

 This is the time of year when our busy schedules interfere with the amount of sleep we get. Make sure to catch up on your rest on the weekend when possible.  


 Wash Your Hands Regularly 

 My kids are used to the fact that they must wash their hands constantly. I keep handwipes in the car for after trips to the store, when I use the gas pumps, you name it I wash my hands. This is the single most important health tip that you can follow this time of year.  


 Take Care of Yourself 

 The holiday season can be stressful, so make sure to say no to activities that you don’t want to attend, take time to relax at the end of the day and let some things go in the end. Remember to enjoy the season, it only comes once a year! 


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