It doesn’t take much to bring your Easter table to a special place. You likely already have napkins at the ready so take a few moments to fold them in a festive way! 


Step 1 – Start with a square, fabric napkin that is wrinkle free. 


2 – Fold in half, bringing the top edge down to meet the bottom edge. 


3 – Repeat step 2, bringing the top edge down to meet the bottom edge. 


4 – Place the index finger of your left hand on the center point of the top edge. With your right hand, fold the entirety of the right side downwards forming a 90 degree angle at your left finger. 


5 – Repeat step 4 with the left side. You will now have a shape that is pointed at the top like a house. 


6 – Fold each bottom corner in towards the center to form a diamond shape. 


7 – Fold each outside bottom edge again, in towards the center to form a kite shape. You may need to hold the shape in place with your hands now if it is becoming difficult to lay flat where you fold it. 


8 – Fold the top half of the kite shape backwards at the center line. You now have an upside down triangle shape. Notice how each corner has a little pocket.  


9 – Tuck the right hand center edge into the pocket at the left hand corner. 


10 – Turn your napkin over so the point of the triangle is at the top. These are the ears! Bend them into a pleasing bunny-esque shape. You’re done! 


Place each napkin in the center of the place setting. For an extra touch, tuck a name place card into each. Make one for each guest and enjoy your spring Easter table! 


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