Bright orange sweet potatoes are beloved by adults and kids alike — sweet and starchy, they’re an early favourite of many babies for good reason. A sweet potato’s flavour is great on its own but it also takes well to a variety of different seasonings, making them work in a number of different preparations. They’re also healthy — high in vitamin A and fibre — so it’s a good idea to work more of them into your diet. Here are a few fun ways to use the mighty sweet potato: 


1. Sweet Potato Fries

Sweet potatoes have become a ubiquitous menu item at restaurants (usually available for a buck or two extra) and you can make your own version at home. More vitamin-rich than standard potato fries, you can do a deep-fried version or go for a healthier baked fry. This recipe yields a nice and crispy oven fry, perfect to go with backyard burgers or on their own, dipped in a spicy aioli.  


2. Sweet Potato Toast

Like the oft-maligned avocado toast, sweet potato toast is a trendy food — though rather than smearing sweet potato on toast, in this case the sweet potato is the toast. Basically, you cut thin slices of sweet potato (about 1/4-inch thick) and pop them in your toaster on the highest setting. Usually it takes two to three rounds in the toaster to get them cooked all the way through (you can give them a three-minute zap in the microwave so that you only have to toast them once), but you’ll end up with a nicely browned and perfectly cooked slice of sweet potato that then can be topped any way you like. Popular toppings include banana and honey, Nutella, salad greens, bruschetta, or, yes, avocado.  Must Try: Sweet Potato Toast Two Ways


3. Sweet Potato Skin

Just like regular potatoes, sweet potatoes make the perfect little boats to act as a vehicle for bacon bits, chives, sour cream, cheese and other classic skins toppings. They’re perfect to munch on in front of the TV during football or awards show season.  


4. Sweet Potato Hummus 

Sweet potato adds brilliant colour and flavour to a bowl of hummus. This hummus is still packed with chickpeas and tahini, with just the right amount of sweet potato goodness. Serve it with fresh veggies or pita chips.  


5. Sweet Potato Pizza

Sweet potato works beautifully on a pizza in place of a more traditional sauce. This recipe uses a baked and mashed sweet potato to create a sage-y “sauce” that is then topped with kale and onions.  


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