It’s all the rage lately: your gut. More specifically your gut and it’s health. Science is just starting to learn about the human digestive system and what role it plays in our day to day health. While we don’t know a lot yet, what we do know is that we must be cognizant of our gut health for optimum wellness.  

Here are five very easy ways to improve your gut health right now! 

The P Word 

 Yes, it’s all about probiotics, that’s been the latest buzzword for a few years now. While there are pills that you can take available everywhere, there are also foods that you can eat. Yogurt, Kefir, Miso paste, kombucha, pickles and even sourdough bread are delicious ways to get more probiotics into your system. 


 Manage Your Stress. 

This is a big one when it comes to gut health. Stress on your body is bad enough but it seems that there is a link between gut issues and stress. Lowering your stress levels will help you achieve a healthy gut. Take some time to yourself daily to relax and lower your stress.  


 Cut the Alcohol – Up the Water 

I’m sure that this is an easy one for many people in January after the excesses of the holiday season. Cut the alcohol for a while to help heal your gut and concentrate on upping your water intake. 


The Other P Word 

 Yes, there are two – pro and prebiotics. Prebiotics are a non-digestible fibre that can be found in bananas, onion, garlic, brussels sprouts, broccoli, whole grains and other fruits. Prebiotics are important to your gut health as well, so try to eat some meals that include prebiotic rich foods as well.  


Cut the Fat & Sugar 

Junk food is your guts nemesis and like alcohol January is probably a great time to give the high fat and sugar foods a rest to heal your gut. Try to return to natural, whole foods and give your gut a rest. 


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