Is there any fall treat more indulgent than a juicy caramel-dipped apple on a stick? Caramel apples are the perfect special treat for a Halloween or fall harvest party — not only are they delicious, but they look so pretty as the centerpiece on a dessert table. There’s nothing wrong with simply dipping your apples in caramel and adding a few sprinkles or chopped nuts, but the real fun of a caramel apple is in the toppings and decorations.  


Since pretty much anything will stick to gooey caramel, you can use your imagination to top your apples with a wide variety of treats. Here are five ideas to get you started: 


1.Breakfast cereal apples 

All of those nostalgic breakfast cereals from your childhood may be taboo first thing in the morning these days, but crunchy sweet cereal is a great addition to a caramel apple. Choose something chocolaty, fruity, or peanut butter flavoured — or a mix of favourites. Large pieces of cereal can be broken up if they’re too chunky to sit nicely on the caramel. 


  1. Chocolate barapples 

This is a good one to do if you have leftover mini chocolate bars after Halloween (or grab a few from your pre-Halloween stash). Chop up your favourite little chocolate bars and open a few packages of bite-sized candies and stick them on your caramel apple for a sugar-rush of a treat.  


  1. S’morescaramel apples 

Get the flavour of s’mores onto your apple by dipping it in graham cracker crumbs, mini marshmallows and melted chocolate while the caramel is still sticky. You can distribute each ingredient all over each apple (a chocolate drizzle works well here rather than a full-on dip) or work your way up the apple in layers by dipping the whole thing in chocolate and just the bottom part in the cracker crumbs, with a ribbon of marshmallows going around the centre of the apple.  


  1. Pumpkin spicecaramel apples

Add a little bit of pumpkin pie spice to your caramel to give your apples a distinctive pumpkin spice flavour. To further the pie theme, dip the bottom of the apples in graham crumbs.  


  1. Boozycaramel apples 

Adults like a treat too! To make grown-up alcoholic caramel apples, try jamming a small bottle of your favourite liqueur into the core in place of a traditional stick. Use this recipe for Fireball Apples as your inspiration.  


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