Most of us have heard of spring cleaning, but it’s a good idea to get your house in shape once fall comes around too. Especially for those of us with kids in school, fall can feel more like the beginning of the year than January does, and who doesn’t want to start their year off feeling clean and organized? Also, once the weather starts to cool you’ll be spending less time in the yard and more time in the house, so you’ll want it to be as spiffy as possible. With so much happening in September it can be hard to set some time aside to clean, but here are a few tips to make the process go smoothly: 


  1. Take care ofsemi-annual tasks 

You know those tasks that go beyond weekly chores like vacuuming and maintenance? Do them now while you have that burst of fall energy. Polish your silver, wipe down your walls and cupboards, clean your oven, and empty your pantry and give it a good wipe down. You’ll be happy that you’ve taken care of all of this now as you move into the holiday season.  


  1. Change your linensand ready your winter wardrobe

As it starts to get colder, you’re going to want to get cozy under heavier blankets and flannel sheets. Even if you’re not quite ready to get them on your bed, launder everything so that it’s nice and fresh and ready for when the temperature starts to drop. While you’re at it, dig out all of your cold-weather clothes and wash them as well.  


  1. Start preparing the yard for winter

You may not want to drag all of the patio furniture in just yet, but now is the time to start putting away outdoor things that may get damaged by a sudden snowfall.  


  1. Wash your windows

As the leaves start to turn, you’re going to want to look at them through clean windows. Give your windows a proper thorough clean before it gets too cold out.   


  1. Do a purge

Dig through all the piles that have accumulated in the house throughout the summer and get rid of anything that you know you will not ever need again. Throw out some things and donate other items that are in good shape. A lot of charities do drives looking for gently used items this time of year, so it’s a good idea to put together a pile of things for when they come calling.


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