The Easter bunny is on his way in just a few days, which means its time to start setting up your Easter egg hunt. You could just hide chocolate eggs or plastic eggs full of toys and treats around your house or in your yard, but if your kids already know all of your standard hiding places and what to expect, it may be time to try something new. Here are five ideas to add some pizazz to your Easter morning egg hunt: 


  1. Follow the clues

Write a cleverly worded poem from the Easter bunny explaining that your children are in for a big prize that they can only find by following a set of clues. The first clue will be included in the poem and will lead the kids to a plastic egg containing a small treat and an additional clue. Set up as many clues/eggs as you’d like with a special gift (it could be anything from a large chocolate bunny or a book to a new sweater or a gift card).  


  1. Smart phone hunt

Older kids and teens may enjoy a version of the clue-based hunt that employs their smart phones instead of hand-written notes. This article explains how to set up a clue-based hunt using QR codes that need to be scanned with a smart phone or tablet.  


  1. Gifts of experience

Most kids don’t need a lot of extra candy or cheap toys — so why not fill your Easter eggs with coupons promising non-material gifts of some sort? Coupons could be for family movie nights, a promise of each child’s favourite dinner, a chance to skip out on eating their least favourite vegetables one night or special time with a family member.  


  1. Puzzle Easter egg hunt

Another way to gift kids something that doesn’t fit inside of a plastic egg, be it a gift of experience or a larger toy or game, is to buy a blank jigsaw puzzle and draw a picture on it that will reveal the prize. Place the pieces in plastic eggs and have the kids put together the puzzle once they’ve found them all. 


  1. Glow in the dark

You don’t have to do your hunt in the morning — try buying glow-in-the-dark plastic eggs for an after dark backyard Easter egg hunt. Start each participant off with some glow-stick bracelets so that they glow too.  


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