There are few flowers as iconically representative of their season as the tulip. Often the first to bloom, colourful tulips bring a sense of joy and playfulness anywhere you might see them. A big bunch of pink and purple tulips on the table ramps up the energy while white blooms can be very elegant for formal occasions. The tulip is the quintessential, multi-purpose spring flower. 



 Daffodils come in second for representing spring in my mind. They’re symbolic of friendship and are most often found in variations of white, yellow and orange. Also called narcissus, I often think of the goofy, big nosed blooms of Alice in Wonderland when thinking of these flowers. It’s hard not to smile when you see a daffodil!  



 Growing from bulbs, as all of our favourite spring flowers do, means the lovely purple and blues of hyacinth can be forced indoors to bloom early in the spring season. Did you know hyacinth bulbs can cause skin irritation? It’s recommended to use gloves when handling these beautiful spring flowers and never allow a dog to dig them up and eat them. The trouble is well worth it though, the scent of hyacinth is absolutely lovely and fragrant. 


Easter Lily 

 Easter lilies are forced to bloom in spring for the Easter holiday but left to their own devices, will bloom over a much wider period. These statuesque white lillies are a symbol of rebirth and Christianity which is why they are so revered at Easter. Be advised however, these are extremely toxic to cats. It’s important to research how any plant introduced to your home may affect pets. Feline friends aside, Easter Lilies are absolutely in the top 5. 



 One of my most favourite blooms anytime of year is Freesia. I love the scent of this flower and the way they last, blooming even after they’ve been snipped from the earth. Freesia is mostly available in white or yellow. Freesia represents innocence and new beginnings and are popular for weddings – I had many in my bouquet and to this day, the sent of freesia takes me back to my trip down the aisle. 


The early flowers of spring help us shake off the winter blues and get us thinking about the growing season ahead. I often bring some home to brighten up our home well before the ground has thawed and we can begin planing our own garden outside. You can order a spring floral bouquet online for delivery to your home today. See what’s available. 


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