Happy fall! This is my favourite time of the year — we’re transitioning into sweater weather and fall comfort food, but we still have some time before the long chill of winter really sets in. It’s also time to shift from the lemonade and ice tea of summer into warming beverages. Here are some of our favourite fall sippers to help you make the move into the new season.  


Pumpkin Spice 

To be perfectly honest, I’m not a huge pumpkin spice fan myself, but it’s no mystery as to why pumpkin spice everything is so popular this time of year. Coffee fans have their beloved pumpkin spice lattes, but even if you don’t drink coffee, there are plenty of ways to get some pumpkin spice into your drink. Try a pumpkin spice steamer (basically, a pumpkin spice latte minus the coffee). You can also seek out pumpkin spice smoothies, cocktail recipes, punch, tea drinks, and ciders.  


Apple Cider 

Apple cider is a fall-time favourite. You can make your own (non-alcoholic) version at home — serve it warm with a cinnamon stick for a fall treat. Try this recipe for a particularly spicy version of classic cider.  


Chai Tea 

Chai is delicious any time of the year, but the combination of the hot tea and the warming chai spices seems particularly appropriate for fall. Buy a pre-blended chai or try making your own spice mix from scratch.   


Drinking Caramel 

Yes, this is a thing. Hot chocolate seems more appropriate for winter than fall, but a hot caramel drink fits in perfectly with apple season. This recipe shows you how to whip up your own batch at home.  


Mulled Wine 

No, it is not too early for mulled wine. Put a batch of mulled wine in your slow cooker and let it bubble away while you go for a fall walk or rake up the leaves in your yard. When you come in at the end of the day you’ll have hot and spicy wine waiting for you.  


Fall-Themed Cocktails 

For something a bit harder, there are no shortage of pumpkin, apple, pear and other fall-flavoured cocktail recipes out there. Find one that you like and whip up a pitcher or two to serve at Halloween or whenever you’re looking for an excuse to celebrate the fall season.  


Wine and Spirits 

Finally, if you aren’t into fall-themed flavours like pumpkin, apple or cinnamon, you can simply make the shift from your favourite summertime alcoholic beverages to more cold-weather appropriate versions. Now’s the time to switch from white wine to red, from gin to bourbon, and from lagers to darker fall beers.  


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