I love fall. Just today I was driving up my street marveling at how beautiful the fall colours look and how October really is my favourite time of the year. That said, this beautiful autumn glory could end at any time — as soon as the first big snow comes, crisp leaves turn to ugly mush and cute fall sneakers and jean jackets get replaced with waterproof boots and puffy parkas.

So, that means we have to enjoy these fleeting days of autumn. Most Canadian communities have plenty of fall activities for this time of year, but you have to act quickly if you want to take part! Here are some of my favourite ways to embrace fall while I can:

Corn Mazes

Who doesn’t love the idea of getting lost for an hour or so? Corn mazes seem to have grown in popularity over the last few years or so with good reason — they’re a lot of fun! Many corn mazes are attached to fun farms of some kind, so find one near you and make a day out of celebrating the fall harvest.

Pumpkin Patches

Often connected to the same facilities as corn mazes, many pumpkin farms in Canada hold annual pumpkin festivals with extra activities for both kids and adults who want to go out and pick their own pumpkins. If you have little ones, don’t miss the chance to get a photo op of them sitting among the big orange pumpkins!

Get Spooky!

As soon as Thanksgiving ends, the Halloween events start popping up in most communities. Personally, I’m a huge scaredy cat, so I stick to family events like a Boo at the Zoo or community costume parties, but many cities are full of really scary haunted houses, either put on by professional organizers or citizens who just want to give their neighbours a good fright. If you like to scream, look at local listings in your area to find out where the monsters are hanging out.

Craft it Up!

Whether you’re an adult who likes to add homemade touches to your home or you’re a parent looking to keep your kids’ busy, fall is a great time to delve into some seasonal crafts. Leaf rubbings, gourd arrangements, and Halloween decorations for your front windows will get everyone in your house in the seasonal spirit!

Outdoor Fun

One thing that makes fall awesome is that just hanging out outside is fun in itself. Head to a local park (or out into your own yard) and crunch around in the leaves, or just enjoy those last few days where you can go outside without bundling up. Jumping in dried leaves might even make your end-of-season yard work fun!


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