I think with the exception of Christmas, Fall has to be the most beautiful time of year for entertaining.The bounty of our Canadian harvest has peaked, with seasonal delights gracing our tables and weaving its way into our home décor. Squash serves dual purposes as it decorates our houses and satisfies our palates. The colours of nature are bold, crisp and warm, enveloping us as we embrace these last few weeks before winter descends.

For home décor, bringing Mother Nature inside to enjoy – for the last time until spring! – should be your focus. Dried wheat in a vase is so beautiful and inexpensive to enjoy. Decorative corn is ready this time of year and makes a bold centerpiece. Squash of all shapes and sizes can grace your table with a few candles mixed between them.

Recipes for entertaining can range from the simple to the complex but should revolve around the harvested food that comes only at this time of year. Bake with pumpkin, filling your house with the spicy smell that reminds us of this time of year. Curried butternut squash & lentil soup is a nutritional powerhouse and can be served as an appetizer or a main dish. Serve your precious canned goods, such as pickled beets, that remind us we’ve saved the bounty of our summertime produce to be savoured in the colder months.

10.19 squashsoup

Drinks such as mulled wine, apple cider and perhaps even these pumpkin pie martinis all fit in with the fall theme perfectly.

Baked goods can be sent home with dinner guests in pretty little bags tied up with bows. Surprise your guests with cranberry pumpkin cookies that embrace the season perfectly with their spicy, sweet flavor.

Happy Fall entertaining! What are your favourite fall dishes that you make every year?



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