For those readers who are looking for flexible vegetarian diet options that can also include meat when the urge arises, a Flexitarian diet may be the choice for you. The term Flexitarian was coined back in 2009 in the book “The Flexitarian Diet: The Mostly Vegetarian Way to Lose Weight, Be Healthier, Prevent Disease and Add Years to Your Life,” by registered dietitian Dawn Jackson Blatner.

Today, I’m going to provide you with 8 great Flexitarian meal options that can either be full vegetarian or include meat, if desired.


One of the easiest flexitarian meal options is pizza. You can quickly and easily select your toppings to suit almost any diet restriction or requirement. Here’s a recipe for a fast and simple pizza dough to get you started, simply add the toppings you require and the options are limitless.


Sweet Potato, Black Bean and Chickpea Chili

This delicious chili is something that is quick and easy to put together (requiring about 15 minutes or prep and 30 minutes of cooking) and can be enjoyed by vegetarians, vegans and non-vegetarians alike. You can also serve it with rice, tortilla chips and cheese, if desired.


Creamy Mushroom Pasta

Pasta is another exceptional flexitarian option and this one, made with creamy mushrooms and garlic, is a delicious choice. Once you’ve served those who don’t want meat in their meal, simply cube up some ham and toss it in for those looking for a bit of meat in their dish.Get the recipe.


Potato Soup

This excellent potato soup recipe can serve two diets; you can make the straight potato and onion version which is delicious and sure to please those with a vegetarian diet or include prawns and cream making a quick and simply prawn chowder.


Quinoa and Black Bean Burrito Bowl

This Quinoa and Black Bean Burrito Bowl is a great option for lunch or dinner. Make it vegan-style with toppings like pico de gallo, tomatoes, corn, or guacamole. If you don’t mind adding dairy, try shredded jack or cheddar cheese, lowfat sour cream, or even Greek yogurt.


Vegetarian beans and Sausage

Here’s another great option for those who want a quick and easy meal. Combining tomatoes, white beans and either vegetarian or pork sausages and you have an option that can quickly serve either dietary preference. Get the recipe.


Cauliflower Mac & Cheese

Of course, I’d be remiss to not share a recipe from the blog of the lady that coined the term Flexitarian in the first place. This excellent and delicious cauliflower mac and cheese is something that should be in everyone’s recipe box.


Black Bean Burger

Making burgers one night and want to have a vegetable option as well? Try these incredibly good black bean burgers that make an excellent alternative. They are so good that even the meat eating side of the family might want one.


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