Road trips are a big part of the quintessential Canadian summer. We do one almost every year, sometimes they’re just short day trips and sometimes they stretch over a long weekend. No matter how far we go, we are guaranteed three things to happen with the kids. They are going to ask for a washroom when we just left a nice clean one 10 minutes ago. They are going to ask ‘are we there yet?’ And they are going to want food. Here are some easy snack ideas for your next road trip so you will only have to deal with two of these issues! 


Trail Mix – When my daughter was 5 and my son was 2, we drove from Southern Alberta, over the mountains and through Vancouver to the ferry. We were in line behind a 2 boat sailing wait and thought we were going to lose our minds keeping the kids occupied through the wait. I brought out some bags of trail mix and my daughter picked through for the chocolate chips. This kept her entertained for at least half the wait. I could not believe how much time she spent going through that baggie of trail mix! Make yours with whatever your kids love (and a few things they don’t) so they can pick through for their favourite bits.  


Fruit – Fruit, like oranges and bananas, is meant to travel. It comes in it’s own suitcase after all! Little ones might need help peeling, but there’s not much easier than tossing some fruit in a backpack and hitting the road.  


Muffins – If you’d like to make something ahead of time to take with you on the road, muffins are a great option. You can make full size ones or little mini muffins for smaller kids. Try some with whole grains and seeds to help kids full for the long haul. See this post for more ideas on snacks you can make in a muffin tin.  


Cookies – you can almost never go wrong with a cookie! I love this recipe that uses a box of cake mix. It’s super easy to whip up quick and packs well for the road.  


Hummus – my kids love hummus and while I might pack some mints to go along with this snack, it’s actually great for taking on the go. Put your hummus in the bottom of a jam jar and put some carrot and celery sticks in there too. Screw on the lid and you’re ready to roll. Jam jars will usually fit well inside the cup holders on your car or on their car seats.  


Peanut Butter – You may wish to forego this sticky food for very little ones but older kids can usually manage it well. Peanut butter was made for traveling and it’s pretty good at stoping a hunger pang too. You can do the same as for hummus above and pack it in a jar with celery sticks or a good old PB & J sandwich always works.  


No matter where you travel, the need to feed will always follow. Be sure to think about choking hazards for little wee ones and put a roll of paper towel and a pouch of baby wipes in the car for kids of all ages. Things don’t need to be complicated for everyone to enjoy the ride!


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