Kids really love to decorate for holidays! They enjoy feeling involved and being a part of the fun. Decorating is one way to show they care about their family.  Making things look and feel special is one of the best parts of getting ready for upcoming holidays – it really does help to impart the spirit of the season. Here are some easy ornament ideas that kids can make. 

 Fabric ornaments 

Sewing is a life skill that everyone should learn and it’s one that gives kids such a sense of accomplishment. Older kids can make ornaments with denim scraps while younger kids might have an easier time with soft felt and plastic needles. Stuff them with grocery bags for a great way to recycle! You can make them any shape you like and hang them around the house or on the Christmas tree.  

 Salt Dough 

Mix 1 cup salt, 1 cup flour and 1 cup water until combined. Roll flat and cut as you would sugar cookies with cutters or mold it with your hands like clay into the desired shape. Make sure you don’t have it too thick or it may not dry out well. Create a hole so that you can put a ribbon through it for hanging. Bake your dough items at 200F for up to three hours. The aim is to dry the ornaments out, not cook them. When cool they can be painted, glued or glittered however your little one desires! 

 Popsicle stick trees 

Use craft glue to arrange three sticks into a triangle shape. Let dry. Add a craft paper tree stump to one side and a star at the top. You’ve got a tree! Decorate with buttons or craft foam as you wish. Add a hanger or hook and you’re done! 

 Painted pine cones 

I love the look of painted pine cones and the task will keep little ones busy for ages as they try to coat the nooks and crannies of their cones. Finish with a loop of ribbon hot glued to the bottom for hanging and a dusting of glitter. They’ll look great on your tree or displayed in a bowl.  


Stringing popcorn or cranberries is a traditional holiday decoration that kids can make. Be sure to find a needle they can handle and teach them how to keep it from tangling. Wooden beads also make an incredible garland and it will last for years. Larger beads can often be strung on yarn without a needle. How lovely for your child to bring it out year after year, knowing they made it themselves! 

Set your little ones up with a task, put on a holiday favourite movie and get crafting! Your home will look festive and your little one will feel proud that they helped. Win win.  


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