I’ll admit it; I have a harder time with back to school than my kids do. I don’t want to give up the nice weather, the freedom or the time with my kids, not to mention the dreaded rush of trying to get everything together for the start of school. School lunches? Let’s not even talk about those. School breakfasts? Even worse! That first week or two of school is always the toughest when it comes to breakfast, but I also find that having some nice breakfasts during the first while helps the entire family out, physically and mentally. 

Here are some easy ideas for some delicious back to school breakfasts! 

Make Ahead French Toast.  

This one is so easy; the kids should be making this – or at least helping. Make ahead French toast is extremely versatile, you can use almost any type of bread you prefer (whole grains if you are looking for a healthier start to the day) and is FULL of protein. Top it off with maple syrup instead of artificial syrup and you have a delicious, healthy start to the day! 

If you want to go a little crazy, try my popular Peanut Butter & Jam French Toast – it’s super easy and the kids love it!  

 Vegetable & Protein Packed Frittata – Make the vegetables the night before and then mixes together with the eggs and cheese. Bake it in the oven while you are getting ready and you have a seriously healthy breakfast. You can mix and match almost any ingredients to your liking! 

 Easy as Pie Quiche – This recipe uses a pie crust to save you time and effort. The fillings can be switched around to any tastes that suit your family – and you can bake this up the day before and eat it hot or cold! 

 Avocado & Egg on Toast – Yes, while avocado on toast has been the butt of many jokes lately, the truth is that it’s seriously healthy, fast and decadent breakfast! Kids can mash the avocado themselves, make their own toast and all you need is some poached eggs! This version has parmesan and lemon – so easy and refreshing!

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