Ah Christmas, the time of year when everything smells like cinnamon, spice and everything nice! While you can go purchases candles and melting waxes to make your house smell wonderful, you can also make your own at home! 

Here’s a few DIY ideas for those wonderful Christmas smells without breaking the bank! 

Homemade Air Fresheners 

 These are so much better than store-bought, and you can make them in almost any scent you can think of! These would be great for last minute freshening before guests arrive. 


Homemade Scented Water Jars 

 These can be made ahead in jars and kept for two weeks during the holiday season- or even frozen! Simply take them out and heat them on the stove in a pot or in a small crockpot to infuse your house with amazing scents. 


Homemade Incense 

I honestly had no idea that you could make your own incense at home, but apparently you can!  


Herbal Wreath DIY 

This not only looks gorgeous but would smell so fragrant and welcoming in the house.


Make Your Own Potpourri 

 I remember my mom making her own potpourri in the 1980’s and gifting it! While we don’t sew potpourri into lacy, peach ruffled concoctions anymore, a simple mason jar with your favourite scents is inexpensive and make a lovely gift as well.  


Homemade Gel Air Fresheners 

I love gel air fresheners, I would love to try and make these at home!  


Save Your Fir 

And make scent sachets full of trimmings! They will smell wonderful and your putting the tree trimmings to good use.  


DIY Holiday Scent Candles 

These beautiful layered candles look and smell gorgeous!  


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