Camping food is fun food, especially if you can cook it on a stick! But one cannot exist on hotdogs alone (I may have tried once) so a few new ideas are always welcome. The key to a great camping trip is relaxing the rules and making things easy. It’s also important to consider food safety when working with limited cold storage space.

Day 1 Breakfast:

Let’s start off simple while we have milk that hasn’t gone bad and have cereal for breakfast. Serve some berries and nuts to top it off.

Day 1 Lunch:

Hotdogs, smokies or other pre-cooked sausage. You’re going to want a weenie roast so go ahead and do that for lunch. Sides can include green salad, potato salad, chips, fruit or mason jar salads.

Day 1 Dinner:

Braised Beef. You can amend this recipe to suit your tastes and it gives you instructions for what to prepare at home and what to do when you’re in camp. Leftovers can be used for sandwiches tomorrow.

Day 1 Dessert:

Jacket Bananas!

Day 2 Breakfast

You had an amazing day yesterday and the kids swam and woke up ravenous. It’s time for Ham, Cheese and Eggs cooked in bread rolls. Amazing AND no dishes to wash.

Day 2 lunch

Red Lentil Soup with Braised beef sandwiches. Make your soup at home and freeze it flat in zipper freezer bags. This will allow it to easily fit in your cooler and act as an ice pack too. When you’re ready to cook just reheat. Make some sandwiches with the leftover braised beef from last nights dinner.

Day 2 Dinner:

Walking Tacos. These are fun to eat, require little clean up and everyone loves them. You can pre-cook your taco beef at home before you leave and freeze it for the cooler. Re-heating is a snap in a frying pan. Give everyone a single serve bag of Doritos or Fritos topped with taco meat, diced tomato, shredded cheese, iceberg lettuce, and whatever else you normally love in your tacos.

Day 2 Dessert:

Smores! Marshmallow roasts to finish off a weekend trip are the best. Squash some gooey marshmallows between graham crackers with a bit of chocolate and everyone is happy.

It doesn’t really matter what you have on the menu but having a plan takes some of the stress out of shopping and packing for your trip. Add in a few things for snacks and grazing on the go, especially if you do any hiking – there are some ideas on great snacks for camping here.


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