Mason jars have been popular for quite a few years now and I don’t see the trend stopping any time soon. The surge in their popularity always happens around the holiday season with the small, affordable and beautiful containers being perfect for holiday gifts. It also helps that they close securely, allowing you to gift all sorts of interesting things that you normally couldn’t gift in other containers.

Here’s a few classic ideas as well as some really nifty new ideas for gifting!

Homemade Cookies. A jar of your favourite holiday cookies is probably the most loved and appreciated gift of all. You can fit perhaps a dozen or so (cookie size depending), making it cost effective and fast to whip up.

Classic Holiday Cookie Suggestions:

Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix. This is a great gift! There is nothing like a mason jar full of homemade hot cocoa mix – and you can make it a classic hot chocolate mix, a Homemade Mint Hot Chocolate Mix, or a dairy free chocolate version.

Flavoured Simple Syrup. Do you have a cocktail lover or three on your list? Make them a simple syrup for their cocktail needs and you will be their favourite person this year!

Flavours you can make that suit the holiday season:

Other mason jar ideas:


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