Whether you’re looking for easy eats at the campsite or wanting to save the heat in the kitchen, brunch on the grill is quick, easy and delicious!  The key to brunch on the grill is that you are working with limited space so a bit of planning goes a long way. Here are a few techniques to try next time you’re putting brunch together on your BBQ 

Potatoes: Cook first 

Tinfoil packet potatoes are the best way to do potatoes if you ask me. They get so nice and crisp around the edges where they touch the foil. Add diced or sliced potatoes, chives or herbs of your choice, a nice dollop of butter and cheese if you desire. Wrap that all up in two layers of foil and put it directly on the grill at medium heat. Flip once or twice during cooking to get browning on all sides. You can do up individual sized packets to make serving simple. When cooked (potatoes easily pierce with a fork) transfer to the top rack to stay warm.  

Skewer new potatoes on sticks and grill until you can poke them easily with a fork. They’re done! So easy. Again, wrap in foil to keep warm. These are super simple to do and you can prepare the skewers the night before.  

Forget the potatoes and do a French toast casserole instead. Prepare your casserole the night before (this one looks great!) In the morning, cover with foil and place it on half the grill. Turn the burners on to the other side (no heat directly under the casserole dish) and let cook. Remove from the grill and carefully wrap the whole thing in a towel to keep warm until the rest of your meal is ready.  

Meat: Cook second 

Bacon cooks up well on a cookie sheet over the grill. When done, wrap in foil and place on the rack to stay warm while you use the grill space to do up your eggs.  

Sausages are grill food straight out of the pack. Just heat your grill and get them cooking. As with the bacon, it’s best to cook these then, wrap in foil and keep them warm while you do the rest of your meal. 

Ham is fantastic on the grill, especially if you get some nice thick ham steaks. Sear these up for nice grill marks and wrap in foil to keep warm. You can slice into portions when you’re ready to serve.  

Eggs: Do these last 

Heat a cookie sheet on the grill and get scrambling! A non stick cookie or baking sheet (with 4 sides) will work really well on your bbq for scrambling eggs. 

Muffin tins are ideal for eggs on the grill. Make sure you use some non-stick spray or oil first. Crack individual eggs into your muffin tin. Then add a bit of salt and pepper and place on a medium temp grill until desired doneness is reached.  

Heat a stainless pan. Fill with your favourite spicy tomato sauce and cook until bubbly. Crack eggs into the mix and cover until desired doneness. You’ve got a shakshuska for the grill! Top with fresh herbs and serve. 


A little thought and preparation goes a long way when doing up a meal on the bbq. I hope these ideas get you grilling up brunch this Sunday or any day!


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