Decorating Easter eggs is a much beloved family tradition. My in-laws always visit at Easter and they are usually tasked with helping the kids dye colourful eggs and decorate them with a multitude of patterns. We usually buy the dye tabs that dissolve in water because it’s been an easy way to enjoy this activity. The kits come with lots of colours and cardboard stands and little wire egg dippers. Now that my kids are getting older I think it’s time for us to branch out and try some new techniques – there are so many ways to decorate Easter eggs. Here are 7 simple techniques to try:

Glitter – often the scourge of craft supplies, this looks absolutely stunning on natural eggs. I love this combination of brown eggs and gold glitter that ‘The Girl Inspired’ has shared. She has a full tutorial on her blog with instructions. It might be nice to forgo the dye in favour of glitter.

These Robin’s egg nests are so elegant and would look gorgeous incorporated into a centerpiece. ‘Honestly Yum’ has the tutorial on her blog, check it out.

Babouchka eggs are too freaking adorable. They make me laugh! It’s easy to paint on eggs with regular old acrylic craft paint and this idea is just too fun. Check out the blog post.

These marbled indigo and white eggs are so pretty. This would be a great idea for teens or older children who would be able to handle working with nail polish. Get the tutorial at ‘Alice and Lois’.

Another idea for older kids – just draw with sharpie markers! What could be simpler? The only thing to keep in mind is to use a light pressure so you don’t crack the shell. Here are some gorgeous ones for inspiration.

I love the idea of using natural elements as stencils. These eggs are muted and beautiful. Check out the tutorial at ‘Adventures in Cooking. I’m sure you could use commercial dye pellets for this method too.

Watercolour paints are easy to use (and clean up) for all ages. Check out these simple watercolour Easter eggs at ‘Craftberry Bush.

There are so many other ways to decorate Easter eggs that I had to stop with these fun 7 for today. I hope this post gives you some ideas and inspiration for getting creative this year. Have fun!




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