Cheese is a great option for entertaining because of the vast variations in flavours, textures and pairings…meaning there is a cheese out there for just about everyone! Here are 5 tips for making your own cheese plate.

Offer a varied selection – Try to serve up a variety of cheeses, not only in terms of type, but also in terms of milk. Try mixing and matching an assortment of cheeses that offer different flavours and textures to excite your guests’ palates.

Buy the right amount – allow for approximately 30g of each cheese per person, for a dinner party of 4 to 6 people, we would recommend between 3 and 5 cheeses.

Complement without overshadowing – Cheeses are delicious coupled with a number of tasty treats. Serve them up with anything from bread or crackers to cured meats or dried or fresh fruits, nuts or chutneys. But don’t let these complimentary foods outshine the cheeses: you want to bring out the taste of the cheese, not overpower it!

Allow cheeses to come to room temperature before serving – this will bring out the rich flavours in the cheese. We recommend removing cheese from the refrigerator about 1 hour prior to serving.

Have the appropriate tools – After you’ve gone through the work to select and present the cheeses for your guests you’ll want to make sure they can actually enjoy the spread! Serve the cheese on a natural surface like a wooden, slate or marble cheese board and make sure each cheese has the appropriate cheese knife or spreader to go with it. If you want to go the extra mile label the cheeses so your guests know what they’ll be trying!

What are your favourite cheeses to use on a cheese plate?


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