I honestly wanted to put “Hire Someone to Do It!” as number one on this list, but since most of us can’t hire someone to do our spring cleaning, I’ll leave it off the list. (We can still all dream together, however, about having a Spring Cleaning Fairy come our houses!) Since I know she’s not showing up at my house and that once this cold weather finally goes away for good, I am left with a house to clean for spring, I’ve been looking into ways to make my spring cleaning easier.  

  1. Make a List 

Write up a list of the most important things that you need to get done.  Leave off the small things that are year-round cleaning, so that you aren’t overwhelmed with a list that’s a mile long.  


2. Decide on Short Bursts or a Full Day 

My friends, there is no grey line here. People have made their living sending out email recommendations of small daily chores that you can do to help keep everything under control in your house. I am not their target audience. I must plan a day or an entire weekend where we dig in and clean the house. This includes runs to the dump and donations to the thrift store. You need to choose whether you are a person that does it little by little, or all at once! 


3. Start with the Inside of the House 


I always find it easier to start in the house, get everything out to the cars to donate, and then work on the garage. Once you’re living in a freshly cleaned house, it gives your inspiration to keep going! 


4. Hire Someone for the Tough Jobs  


I know, I said I wouldn’t include this, but I changed my mind when I remembered that we hired someone to wash the outside of the windows in our two-story last year and it was the best treat ever. We didn’t have to rent a power washer or take the windows out to clean them. Hire out the jobs that require equipment rentals OR are a little bit dangerous, like the eavestroughs. 


5. Invest in some Plastic Storage Totes 


The plastic storage tote is my lifesaver. We live in a climate that requires our family of four to have winter gear from head to toe, with jackets and clothes for the chilly months between as well. I invested in plastic totes that hold all the winter gear and they are stacked in our downstairs bedroom closet. Not only does it free up the hanging space in the closet for clothes, it also is neat and clean. Use them for seasonal decorations and more and stack them out of the way until they are needed again.  


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