The holiday season is wonderful and exciting with parties to go to and people to visit. It can also be stressful with so many things on our daily to do lists and never enough time to get them all done. Start now and get ahead of the game. You’ll be glad you did! 

Do the brain work 

Start thinking about things that might make good gift ideas ahead of time. Make a list so you won’t forget them when it comes time to shop. Update your list with dates and to-dos as time goes on so you can manage the workflow. Highlight any items that need to be shipped so you can get them out on time. You can also think about logistics like having enough chairs at the table and who is going to walk the dog when. Enlist help and assign tasks to any helper elves you might have available to you.  

Bulk shop 

If you need an item now, but will also need another one for when your holiday guests arrive why not buy two today? Bulk shopping for holiday needs will make your big grocery shops in busy stores so much easier. Start gathering things like paper towel, dried pasta, canned drinks and crackers that will keep from now until then.  

Cookie Exchange 

Cookie swaps are an incredible time and money saver. Instead of buying ingredients for 8 types of cookies, you’ll need to buy for 8 batches of one type of cookie.  Setting up a cookie swap with your friends takes a big load off and it can be a lot of fun too. See the how to here. 

Meal Plan 

When we get down to the last few days, we are often so busy that we end up grabbing fast food or surviving off cheese and crackers. Make some meals now and freeze leftovers for easy re-heating on those days you need to rush off to another holiday activity.  

Order your Orderables 

Get your holiday orders in ahead of time for things like meat and cheese trays, fruit platters and bakery items. Holiday centerpieces or floral displays can even be ordered online. Keep track of what you’ve ordered where and the days it needs to be picked up so nothing gets forgotten. You’ll be glad to have those items ready to go and off your mental load when the days get busier. 

The holidays will always be stressful. There’s no getting away from it. A little planning and forethought does go a long way towards enjoying the season for what it is – time to visit with friends and family.  


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