The great thing about greens is that they are often full of potassium and potassium helps us to manage many things. It’s an electrolyte that regulates processes such as blood pressure and kidney function. We can’t make our own potassium so we need to consume it. If you’re watching carbs, it can be a little trickier to get enough as the most common sources are potatoes and bananas. The good news is that avocado and spinach are incredibly full of potassium and they make unbelievable green smoothies!  


The Best Low Carb Green Smoothie 

With avocado and spinach, this will give you a punch of those much needed electrolytes AND it reportedly tastes like cereal milk which seems like a magic trick I’d love to try.  


Cold Buster Citrus Smoothie 

This one uses orange juice and so it’s not super low carb but if you’re feeling under the weather it’s a great way to go to get some greens.  


Low Carb Green Smoothie Bowl 

I love smoothie bowls because you can add toppings! A few berries, some nuts here and there is always fantastic and the texture they lend is something I really enjoy. 


Triple threat avocado smoothie 

Avocados are so wonderful because their fat content allows us to feel full and satisfied. This recipe is easily adaptable to reduce the carbs for keto (replace honey with sweetener and swap half the mango with berries) but as written, it would be amazing for most people who are just generally wanting to up fat and potassium intake.  


Turmeric Green Tea smoothie 

This one sounds SO GOOD! If you’re okay with banana leave it in, it does offer potassium. But if not, replace it with a scoop of your favourite vanilla whey protein powder. It will add the bulk without the carbs.  


There you go! 5 awesome new green smoothie recipes to try. Whether you’re reducing carbs for weight management or wish to add healthy fats and electrolytes to your morning routine, a green smoothie is a great way to go because you can make it suit your own personal needs. 

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