February and early March are where we are stuck in a seemingly endless deep freeze. Christmas is over, spring is almost but not quite in sight yet and we’re tired of snow. It’s also the perfect month to get out and enjoy the last weeks of winter before spring arrives! Here’s some great winter activities that will keep you outside and enjoying the weather, instead of inside wistfully waiting for spring. Embrace these last few weeks with some great winter activities!  

  1. Hit the Ski Hills – This is go-time for skiing as ski hills can start their spring melt as early as mid March some years! Pack up the kids and your gear and head out to your favourite slopes. Make a weekend or a day trip of it to enjoy the best powder of the year. Usually this time of year they’ve had extra snow and conditions are the best they will be all season. 
  2. Ice Fishing & Ice Skating – Get out while the ice is still thick to enjoy these two activities! Ice fishing season ends in March so take the kids for some fun! As for ice skating, there are many places that clear off the snow and keep ponds clear for big and little skaters. 
  3. Try Snowshoeing-  You can’t snowshoe without snow! If you haven’t tried it, make sure to head somewhere that rents them out and try your hand at it. It’s great winter exercise and the kids love it! 
  4. Have a Winter Bonfire – There is nothing like a winter bonfire! While the weather it cold and snowy having a bonfire helps you feel like you are getting close to spring and camping weather. It helps chase away the winter blues. Serve hot chocolate and snacks, even s’mores for an evening that everyone will enjoy. 
  5. Head Inside –  Yes, I know this is about winter activities but hear me out! Winter activities aren’t always about being outdoors. I find that we almost never visit museums, children’s science centers or the like in the spring or summer. So, if you are like my family make sure to visit all the cool indoor attractions that your city has to offer while the weather is frightful, because once spring hits we are all outdoors all the time! 


Whatever you end up doing, it will help you enjoy these last few weeks of winter- and then we are on to spring!  


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