I love fall, I just wish that it lasted longer than it does before the snow starts flying here in Alberta. I love the cooler days that are perfect jeans and sweatshirt weather, I love the colour of the leaves and the cold evenings that are perfect for snuggling up around the campfire. There are so many things to do in the fall, but my favourites are listed below! 


Enjoying Hotels in the Shoulder Season.  


One of our favourite times to go to Jasper, Alberta is in early October. The rates are cheaper than most of the year but everything is still open until the middle of the month. I also prefer the chilly mountain fall weather to any other time of year. Make sure to take advantage of shoulder season travel deals in the fall, it’s a wonderful time to travel! 


Plant Your Fall Bulbs. 


I was hesitant to include this, but for those of us that love to garden, fall is one last time to get our hands in the dirt before winter sets in. I love planting bulbs in the fall that will come up in spring. I am usually so rushed in the actual spring to get everything planted that taking my time in the fall is a treat! 


Make Bird Feeders for the Winter.  


If you are planning on feeding the birds all winter long, fall is the perfect time to build your feeders! 


Bake Everything Apple.  


I feel that pumpkin, as much as I love it, has taken over fall food in popularity. Don’t forget that apples are in season! Bake up a cinnamon apple Dutch baby for breakfast or try some Bourbon Apple Sangria. 


Craft, Play & Enjoy the Fall Foliage. The beautiful colours of fall are only here for a brief time, get out and gather beautiful leaves! Use them in crafts at home, DIY projects or just jump in a big pile of them with the kids. 


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