Isn’t it funny how trends come and go? One moment something seems like the best idea ever, and the next we are just done with it. Don’t believe me? Remember the cronut of 2013? I mean, I’d probably still eat one if you put it in front of me but they sure aren’t the craze they once were. 

Indulge in Richness! 

Fat is back as more and more information about cholesterol is showing little correlation between dietary fat and cholesterol levels. This turn of mind means people are indulging in rich foods like cheese, butter and eggs more often. Watch for richer full fat products to hit the shelves this year including yogurts, salad dressings and more. Food producers are beginning to reduce sugar content in response to consumer demand and are adding fats back in to improve taste. We’re looking forward to that! 

Creative Snacks 

We want our snacks but we also want to eat healthier. Watch for snack products like carrot or parsnip chips instead of regular old potato chips. We’re getting creative about getting less starch and sugar but we don’t want to give up the munchies anytime soon. Can you blame us? 

Try: Roasted Spicy Carrot Fries

Sustainability means Shop Local 

This trend is continuing to gain traction over the years as we move ahead in the century. People understand that one of the best ways to help our environment is to avoid trucking items great distances as often as possible. Safeway shelves are marked with tags to help you identify which items are locally produced. Not only does this help our environment, but it strengthens our local economies as well.  


We want pretty instagramable food and we want fresh new flavours. It only makes sense that we’re adding more and more edible flowers and herbs to our foods. Lavendar, Pansies, Roses and more plus edible teas and spices are in demand more now than ever.  

Plant based proteins 

We do want to eat less meat, we do. But in the past, many options available left something to be desired. We’re seeing tasty pea based protein foods and just overall better vegetable based protein items available this year. Even if you have no desire to go vegan, you can still enjoy some new plant based cuisine.   

What food trend are you ready to jump on board with? Me? Well, I’m looking for full fat cottage cheese to hit the shelves and I really want to try carrot chips! 


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