Snacks. A necessary evil. As an adult I’ve mostly given up snacking but for my kids, coming home after school, there is nothing they need more than a snack. They work hard and they play hard. Recess, gym class, lunch time play. They burn fuel as quickly as I can get it into them. I like to have some healthy options and let’s be honest, fruit just doesn’t hit that coming home from school comfort zone target does it? They eat plenty of fruit but it’s not what they’re looking for at the end of their school day. Here are 5 ideas for energizing snacks that will keep them going through the late afternoon until dinner.  

  1. These grain free Chocolate Chip Brownie cookies pack an energy punch thanks to banana and honey and coconut flour! They’re so easy to make too and a great recipe for kids who love helping in the kitchen. 
  2. These Fuel to Go Muffins from Art and the Kitchen look absolutely fantastic. Pumpkin. Carrot. Pineapple. YES PLEASE!  I love having muffins on hand as they’re the epitome of convenience foods. I bet these would freeze well too. 
  3. We don’t send peanut butter to school to be safe, so we often eat it at breakfast or as a snack at home. These Peanut Butter No Bake Energy Balls are a nice hit of protein AND energy. What a great combo. These will keep your kids from melting down just before dinner with a case of the hangries.  
  4. Oatmeal is king when it comes to energy. These Chocolate Coconut Oatmeal cookies are quick to whip up and while you do need to use the stovetop they don’t require baking in the oven which is always a win. I don’t see how these could be bad.  
  5. For something completely different, have a look at these Cream Cheese Pistachio Stuffed Dates. Not only are these great for keeping your tummy happy until dinner but they would fit equally well on your holiday party charcuterie tray. These are right up MY alley so I might have to make a few extra just for me! 

 Having healthy, energy filled snacks on hand just makes life easier for everyone. Nobody wants grumpy or whining kids because they need a little something to eat. They DO work hard at school and it IS a long time to wait until dinner. If you have extra curricular activities to squeeze into your day then snacks are even more crucial. I hope you find a new favourite or two among these ideas.

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