When I began looking at my health and having that serious conversation with myself about the changes that needed to be made, it was evident that my food consumption needed a serious makeover. I began to look for places to expand opportunities to consume more vegetables and places to cut out convenience foods. Breakfast was one area that needed an overhaul. Far too often I was grabbing something at a drive through. Okay, I told myself, this is where we’ll add another serving or two of veggies. I didn’t have buckets of time either so it had to be easy. Here are 3 breakfasts you can make in 10 min! 

Greens Eggs and Ham 

This is my most favourite solution and I still eat this often. It cooks in 10 min with no fussing over the stove. Grab a pan and layer in two or three slices of prosciutto or other ham, a handful of spinach, crack two eggs in, sprinkle with shredded cheddar. Dollop salsa over the works. Cover with a lid and cook over medium high heat until the eggs are to your liking. I usually set a timer so I can walk away and do other things. When it goes off I eat!    

Avocado Toast 

This recipe calls for freshly poached eggs which would be lovely but tacks on an extra few minutes. Avocado toast is just as incredible with a hard boiled egg sliced on top, or, you could try poaching your eggs in the microwave to shave off some cook time.  

Country Ham Scramble 

Scrambled eggs are super quick and I love that you can make them everyday and not have the same combination of ingredients twice. I would add leftover broccoli, frozen peas or sweet peppers to this recipe in order to sneak in a serving of veggies.  


There you go! Three ways to walk out to face your day with eggs in your belly that only take 10 minutes to make! You’ll spend 10 minutes grabbing something from a drive through anyway, so you might as well get something healthy at home instead. It saves money too. Bonus.  


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