The love of Grapefruit seems to come and go. First there was the grapefruit diet in the 60’s and 70’s that had a surge of interest in the fruit and then interest seemed to wane and grapefruit become a “diet” food. Remember how everyone used to eat grapefruit and cottage cheese as the to-go diet breakfast? Well, it’s time to move past that and move onto really enjoying this tart fruit instead of relegating it to the diet menu! Here’s three ways to you can use grapefruit starting right now! 

  1. Embrace the Winter Citrus Salad. This salad has grapefruit, oranges, pomegranates and in a uniquely tasty treat, avocado! While you don’t have to go that far making a fancy salad, just use grapefruit to add a tangy citrus zing to any salad that you’re having for lunch. Grapefruit is loaded with Vitamin C and anti-oxidants, and we aren’t out of cold and flu season yet! If you want a salad with protein, try this Shrimp and Grapefruit Salad. 

2. Use them to make juice and then make a cocktail! Here’s a list of some of the most famous grapefruit juice cocktails: 


 3. Use grapefruit in a DIY Air Freshener! Any recipe that uses citrus for air freshening can use grapefruit as well. This is a great non-edible way to use up grapefruit.


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