Happy National Coffee Day everyone! To celebrate my favourite hot drink, here are a bunch of recipes that use up coffee! From sweet to tipsy, you are sure to find a new favourite in these delicious coffee concoctions! I have included recipes for desserts and more as well because as we all know, coffee is great in baked goods! 


Coffee Shake – This uses instant coffee and mimics the Frappuccino’s at popular coffee places! This is a lot cheaper than buying them at the coffee shops! 

Hot Buttered Toffee Coffee – This looks like an amazing indulgence for the weekend, especially with the chilly fall weather. 

Spiked Chocolate Iced Coffee – This uses hot chocolate mix for a decadent indulgence that’s under 300 calories! 

Roast with Gravy – This recipe uses coffee in the braising mixture, perfect for coffee lovers! 

Chili – This chili recipes claims to be the best and yes, it uses coffee! 

BBQ Spareribs with Coffee Rub – Coffee is commonly used as a rub for met based dishes, and these ribs look delicious! 

Coffee Roasted Beets & Carrots – This looks like something I would love to try this fall! 

Tiramisu Layer Cake – Everyone’s favourite coffee flavoured dessert in a layer cake! 

Cinnamon Bread Pudding with Coffee Caramel Sauce – Oh my! Celebrate the day by baking up this delicious looking delight!  

Espresso Roasted Nuts- These look like a perfect snack! 


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