April 22nd marks the anniversary of the 1st ever Earth Day 1970 which started as a means to diversify, educate and activate the environmental movement worldwide. Now, more than 195 countries and 1 billion people participate, making it the largest civil observance in the world!

We are more educated now about environmental threats than ever before, yet we still face many challenges when it comes to changing damaging societal behaviours. Taking action can be simple and over time, the actions we take do make a difference. What actions can we take this earth day? Here are some ideas.

Clean up

It’s springtime and now that the snow has melted we can see the garbage that has been lurking under its blanket of ice and snow. Gather a crew (or even just your family) and do a clean up of a local park, walking path or school yard. Cleaning up the garbage means less chance of it ending up in a waterway and impacting wildlife.


We all know the impact a tree can have on the air we breathe. It’s easy to plant a tree or two this Earth Day and future generations will thank you for it. Adding a tree to your yard improves the neighbourhood vistas and reduces noise. This is especially important in new developments but planting trees anywhere you can is a win.

Reduce your footprint

Finding ways to reduce the amount of products we consume, waste we produce and resources we draw upon is a great way to participate in this year’s Earth Day. Take a good look at the appliances you have plugged in all the time. Many of them draw power even when not in use to charge batteries, power clocks or maintain settings. If you don’t need that toaster oven on the counter for daily use, unplug it and put it in the pantry.

Plastic Use

Plastic is so inexpensive and convenient to use. It makes many daily tasks cheaper and easier but plastic never breaks down – and if we break it down, and recycle it into fleece blankets, the tiny microfibres still find their way into our ecosystems as we launder those items. Plastic microfibres greatly impact wildlife, especially our ocean dwellers. Take stock of the plastic items you rely on and take steps to find better alternatives.


We don’t always have time to devote a day to cleaning up a park, but we can usually donate a few dollars towards the cause. Find a local charity to support or visit EarthDay.org to donate directly.

It doesn’t really matter what you do to support Earth Day, the point is to do something. Activate somehow. It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture, little by little, every action helps.



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