Bored of the standard ketchup and mustard? Not relishing your relish? There are many amazing ways to dress up a dog so don’t be cornered into the usual condiment offering. After all, hot dogs are mild flavoured on their own. They go with almost anything so put your creativity to the test and get something unique happening with your next hotdog.




Yes, you can put meat on top of meat! Of course you can! Try shaved deli meats. I really love shaved Black Forest ham and shredded cheese. The ham gives a nice smoky flavour but you could also do a spiced ham like capicola or something completely different like jalapeño turkey.


Think international


Pick your favourite food from your favourite country. Love sushi? Put rice and avocado and crab on your dog. Love Mexican? How about salsa and beans? Italian? Add some mozzarella and marinara!


Veggie it up


There is no better way to add freshness and crunch and yes, even nutrition, to a dog than veggies. Top your hotdog with slices of cucumber, marinated cauliflower and broccoli, and shredded carrot. Greek salad on a hot dog? YES PLEASE!


Do the sweet / salty thing


It sounds wrong but it is oh so right. If we can do bacon and syrup with our pancakes we can do jam and brie on a hotdog. Try something like fig jam or plum jelly with a few slices of Brie. Let it get all warm and melty. Add a small bit of fresh herbs as well or even a squeeze of lemon to bring in a bright note and cut the richness. Talk about gourmet.


Think Pizza


You can bring your favourite pizza flavours to your next hot dog easily. BBQ pulled pork hotdog? Yep. Pepperoni and mushroom? Yes. Ham and pineapple? Of course! Pizza sauce is an easy addition to your condiment offering as is some shredded pizza cheese.


The possibilities really are endless when you think about it. The blank canvas of your hotdog is just begging for you to brush on some colour. Hotdogs will take the toppings you use and add a little saltiness to the mix. That’s something to keep in mind if you’re preparing a topping like sautéed zucchini – don’t add too much extra salt to the pan.


Try preparing a toppings bar from one of the themes above. Let people put their own dogs together as they see fit. Everyone will be happy and the dog doldrums will be banished! What to serve on the side? Try a baked potato bar or one of these salads.


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